Design and Integration of a Medical Device Assembly Inspection System

A medical device manufacturer selected Mercator Robotec to supply a machine vision solution for a new machine that assembles one of its products. Mercator Robotec analyzed the customer’s unique needs to develop an innovative four-station machine vision system. This flexible system allows up to 4 part styles or assembly configurations to be selected for each station – with part styles automatically selected by the PLC.

By incorporating PPT M200 cameras and PPT M-40 machine vision processors with LED and xenon strobe light sources, and performing extensive testing during commissioning, we were able to successfully meet or exceed FDA validation requirements. These high standards are maintained by periodically challenging the system with known defective parts.

Mercator Robotec’s solution for this customer included three assembly verification inspection stations and a packaging inspection on a Multivac blister packing machine. An HMI, commissioning and startup support and documentation (a software functional specification document, PLC communication specification document, and operating instructions) were included in the project deliverables.

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Project Details for this Medical Device Assembly Inspection System

Product Description Mercator Robotec Inc. designed and integrated this 4 station machine vision system for a medical device Assembly Line.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Design of Machine Vision Inspection System

Development of System

  • Verification of correct assembly of critical components
  • Packaging verification Inspection station on a Multivac blister packing machine
  • Up to 4 part styles or assembly configurations can be selected for each station – part styles automatically selected by PLC


  • Control Panel Assembly
  • Installation Support
  • Commissioning & Start-Up


  • Software Functional Specification Document
  • PLC communication specification document
  • Operating Instructions
System Features & Specifications Vision System

  • Four PPT M-series Machine Vision Systems
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Single and Multi-camera inspection stations
  • Parts inspected “on-the-fly” during pallet indexing
  • Each system utilizes LED and Xenon Strobe Light Sources
In process testing performed The system is periodically challenged with known defective parts. Extensive testing to meet FDA validation requirements was performed during commissioning.
Industry for Use Medical Device
Delivery Time 6-8 weeks
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Product Name Medical Device Assembly Inspection System